This short article takes a brief look at the qualities you should be looking forward to as a future influencer on the Instagram account. It is usual for social media and blog posts from the pens of current influencers to prod you into a bit of navel gazing. But not so, in this case. This short post takes a quick look at the key characteristics of typical Instagram followers from which you, as a social media activist, will be deriving some benefit, if not, maximum benefit.

Loyalty is prized among a majority of leading influencers. Such followers are not merely statistics. They are active participants in the social media campaigner or activist’s game plan, volunteering themselves as active promoters of content and product.

Intelligence among your followers should not be underestimated or under-appreciated. The onus remains on you to create content that is engaging and thought-provoking.

Discerning consumers, signing up as proactive followers, are spending a lot more time on social media networks in order to apprize themselves of sought after items and products of value to their lives and businesses. They are not necessarily looking for the cheapest prices advertised, nor are they looking out for easy way out schemes. They are prepared to spend time musing over your content, weighing up its pros and cons and assessing the merits thereof, or lack thereof.

And to this end, be prepared to be lambasted. Should you be the recipient of a stream of critical to negative comments, you could very well consider yourselves to be rather fortunate indeed. In this day and age where time is of the essence in social media circles, here are serious-minded (but not without a sense of humor, a case of being able to look at the funny or lighter side of life) folks who see promise in you and are prepared to help you out. Always take to heart constructive criticism, but do be prepared to engage vigilantly in rooting out the proverbial spammers and trolls.

Clean-living folks enjoy Instagram’s family-friendly environments. Here there is no room for smut. If this is your field of interest, there are other places for you to go. But not on Instagram if you please. There are children on these networks these days.

Humorous posts on a regular basis are trending attractions for followers, like bright, yellow sunflowers attracting (humorless?) bees to their pollen.

Positive inspiration is a sought after theme among many decent Instagram visitors.

It is hoped that this short article outlining a couple of thoughts on qualities of valued followers has provided readers with their own thoughts on the matter. It is hoped that these last few lines have provided them with inspiration or motivation to start thinking studiously about the kind of followers they would like to see on their platform sometime in the near future. Finally, the readers out there do need to start thinking of themselves as beekeepers in a way, strategizing for the creation of content that becomes appealing to their ideal follower.