It is okay. Because now you can all let off a huge sigh of relief. Because now you should know that you are being addressed by a real person. Yes, that is quite right. I am not a robot or automaton. Many of you call it bots. And as a real person, let me just tell you that I am no fake or flake either. I am passionate about what I do with my Instagram platform and one of the jobs given to me is to help fellows and ladies like you out.

Rumour has it that you all want to see and experience more real Instagram followers on your platform. Let me just tell you that I am not some kind of a technical guru so I will not be talking to you about gadgets and gizmos in this necessary operating environment. Yes, you could be letting off another sigh of relief at this reassurance. So, before time runs out on us, let us get on with things. Let us begin with a question.

Just what is real in this operating environment? I am still musing over this, but because time is always against us, I would much rather get on with things. Like I said. I prefer to create my own presentation in terms of what kind of followers I would like to see and experience being actively involved and integrated on my platform. And that is just the thing. Real people, as in your real followers in this instance, can be active. If you are to have any luck with bots, well then, good luck to you. But of course, there are those chaps out there who are quite enthusiastic about this. They have, somehow or another, managed to convert their previously inactive, many of them just bought, followers, into active and willing participants in their enterprise.

And good luck with that, I always say. There’s plenty of interesting online reading on the subject. You would need the resilience of a college professor to come through successfully with your reading and research. And produce a great dissertation on the subject of converting bots into beings, as in real human beings. I still wonder, is that even possible. Anyway, with time running against me once more, it’s time for me to finish off with my statement.

In order to reel in real, organic followers, I still believe that the onus is still on you to give your commanding calls to action. And if you are not yet capable of that, you are quite welcome to try your luck at making appeals. Won’t you please follow me? Words to that effect. And see how far that gets you. Because let me just tell you, that no matter how real the people out there are, they still need to be jerked around a bit if you will. Talk about inviting them to walk across a bed of coals, that kind of thing.

Oh, and then you have still got to show them how. Are you up to the challenge?