I am lucky. My dad once told me that I was blessed with creative talents. He told me this once upon a time when I was feeling really down in the dumps, just about ready to throw in the towel where starting up my own online creative business was concerned. Lucky for me, I listened to him. And here we are today. One thing I have always been is highly productive. Sure enough, I still have many down days, but if there is one thing worth remarking about myself is that, since day one, my first grade at school, I have always been a hardworking guy, always wanting to please the other.

So, so far so good. It has been a match made in heaven between me and the Instagram platform. We make a great team whenever the time comes to get and make more followers on Instagram sit up and take note. And here I have to be quite honest with you. It is not always about the new spurt of creative inspiration. In fact, these days, it is hardly given a chance to blossom. But at least there is an outlet for it. Like you reading this now, I also have to make my living, so in this sense, my clients are happy.

It is they who reap the benefits of my creativity and hard work. I never let my guard down to them. But I could go as far as saying that I will not be prepared to roll over and play dead, just like Fido does sometimes. But then again, now I’m really talking nonsense, could even be telling a fib. Because just look at Fido. Do you honestly believe is he playing the obedient dog, playing silly games with his master because he is just such a good and well-behaved, and well-trained dog? I mean, really folks.

Come on now. The good dog is quite hungry. And if there is one way he knows there’s a good chance he will be getting his juicy, meaty bone sometime between now and tonight, it is to simply please his master and do as he says. Master is in a good mood and there is little chance of him forgetting the bone, with the meat on it and all. And that is how I have to treat my clients sometimes. Sometimes you have just got to accept those little but laborious projects in order to get the client, pleased as ever, to pass on the work that you are eyeing.

The client always used to say this to me in the beginning. It is nothing personal, it is just business. so, when it feels as though your Instagram followers are letting you down, it is not always you, it’s them. And even so, it is not always them either. It is the markets, stupid. What else do we all have to do but comply? How else do we survive in such a highly competitive environment? It is either this or the highway.