Previous Concerts

In this page we aim to provide content from some of our previous concerts. these are to come from pages moved to the expired category in concerts

Prom 2010

Conductor: Michael John Ryanshanahan

Soloist: Cliodna Shanahan

Guest Choir: Crescent College Comprehensive

Choir director: Roisin Lavery

Programme; Beethoven Piano Concerto no 3

Danzon no 2, Marquez

The Ride of the Valkyries, Wagner

Christmas 2010

Peter-SebestyenConductor: Michael John Ryan

Soloist: Piotyr Sebestyen

Guest Choir: FCJ Convent Bruff

Choir Director: Rhoda Cleary

Programme: Elgar Cello Concerto

Die Fledermauss, Strauss

Christmas favourites

Prom 2009

Conductor; Michael John RyanRedmond OToole

Soloist; Redmond O’Toole

Programme; Concerto de Aranjues

Scheherazade, Rimsky Korsakov

Music from the Movies

Christmas 2009

Conductor; Michael John Ryan

Guest Choir: Presentation school choir

Choir director: Gabriel Lee Casey

Programme: Poet and Peasant Overture, Suppe

Italian Symphony. Mendelssohn

Christmas favourites

Prom 2008

Mark okeefeConductor; Michael John Ryan

Soloist: Mark O’Keefe

Guest Choir: An Cor

Choir Director: Cecilia madden

Programme: Aratuniun Trumpet Concerto

Polovtsvian Dances

Gladiator (film medley)

Phantom of the opera

Chicago Musical Medley

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